EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board

The Sports edition in EpikGo has amazing one of a kind layout, a high top speed, lasting structure and can operate long distances that you can almost never fail. It’s a powerful 400volt engine and a fast charging system of two hours allow you to ride rougher terrain, go faster and further.

The wheel layout is unique providing the consumer greater torque and less resistance when riding on uneven floor.   This is a trusted hoverboard with superior road performance and a fantastic design.

The off-road variant is just as entertaining. It may be used on many terrain effortlessly but in case you have some dirt paths, gravel or maybe a dirt trail near your house afterward the off-road variant is unquestionably essential.

Both versions include a portable application that lets you correct torque, maximum speed and also the sensitivity of these detectors. You might even keep tabs on your path, just how far you have pushed and how much battery life you’ve left. There are glowing Led-lights on both rear and front which makes you more visible to other people around you while providing you a crystal clear perspective of your environment.

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