Girl’s Original 16″ Big Wheel

Girl's Original 16" Big Wheel

Countless children from the 1960’s into 2000 appreciated their Big Giant®. As it was introduced into the planet in 1969, the Big Wheel® Tricycle instantly turned into a national success! The Original 16″ Big Wheel® supplied fun play for countless kids and improved the premature development of their motor abilities. Due to its massive popularity, many of the current parents have particular childhood memories which have unlimited hours of pleasure in their Big Wheel®. The classic “low-rider” profile which makes it safer than ordinary tricycles.
For ages 3 to 8 yrs, Weight limitation is 70 pounds)

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Cost: $99.00 - $122.00
(as of May 16,2018 13:17:18 UTC – Details)

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Brand: The First Big Wheel

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