GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover board – UL Certified Self Balancin…

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover board - UL Certified Self Balancin...

Light up the Galaxy along with your cosmic pleasure, UL 2272 accredited GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO self-balancing scooter.

Optimize your pleasure and reduce stress to none; all electric, battery, and charging methods are examined and certified to UL 2272 security criteria for 2 wheel self-balancing scooters.

A hoverboard thatÕs simpler to manage, this self-balancing scooter includes all the super stellar characteristics of this HOVERFLY ECO but in a much lesser cost.

Become a motorized scooter master quicker! Attain Commander Status in only 5 minutes of Earth time employing the simple electric scooter Control Mode.

Cruise the space-time continuum in interstellar hover scooter rates. The GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO self-balancing plank boasts striking torque powered by double 250W drive field motors.

Attain speeds around 7.4 mph, and also feel as though you’re floating in zero gravity to get around 12 kilometers together with all the HOVERFLY ECO’s self-evident gyroscopic hover skateboard technologies. Your GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO hoverboard equilibrium scooter includes a 0-degree turning radius, nonfoot pads.

You will be the brightest star Commander from the galaxy as a result of this HOVERFLY ECO’s cosmic colours and lunar-bright LED lights.

Research the world so much as your imagination or your parents let; the HOVERFLY ECO battery lighting will indicate when it’s time to come back home to get a recharge.

Together with the HOVERFLY ECO’s high-quality substances and 220-pounds capacity, your entire family might want to combine your fleet of mature electric scooter and children scooter Commanders. DESIGNED IN DENVER: Lunar LED lights, cosmic colors, made from high quality hover skateboard substances.
ELECTRICAL SAFETY CERTIFIED: Electric, battery, and charging systems are UL 2272 examined and certified.
TOP-RANKING TORQUE: Love balance scooter rates of around 7.4 miles with strong double 250W engines.
BECOME A MASTER FASTER: Quick and effortless hoverboard learning with the easy one-touch operation.
COSMIC FUN RIDE: Investigate the galaxy for around 12 miles in your two-wheel self-balancing scooter.

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Cost: $179.00
(as of May 03,2018 00:38:50 UTC – Details)


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