KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike, 12-Inch, Orange

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike, 12-Inch, Orange

There is just 1 KaZAM! We can not say it’s enough! KaZAM is the sole equilibrium bicycle with a patented footrest layout. It’s the trick to success-for several motives:

1. KaZAM’s foot system is at the pure location where a kid could be putting their feet when coasting to a pedaled bike.
2.) This posture helps them locate their center of gravity, thus improving their equilibrium and relieving the transition on a pedaled bicycle. It is far comfier than holding out your legs to the side!
4.) We have seen many pictures of kids on other equilibrium bikes (ahem!) Using their legs scrunched up on the framework only trying to determine what the hell to do with their legs when they have gained sufficient momentum to really shore. Option- KaZAM!
The ONLY equilibrium bike with a simple step-in patented FOOTREST layout.
KaZAM’s Footrest is at the organic location, where ft are if coasting to a pedaled bicycle, helping discover their center of gravity.
Adjustable seat and handlebars – KaZAM accommodates ages up to five decades.
Puncture resistant, maintenance free EVA tires – not need air!
As according to Shark Tank!

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Cost: $64.95 - $59.95
(as of May 12,2018 12:03:49 UTC – Details)

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